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Logistics + Intelligence

ECS360 has bet from the beginning for innovation and for always questioning the statu quo of the logistics sector.

This has led them to be disruptive and to offer their clients solutions based on technology, business intelligence and, of course, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.

ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones

Big Data, e-commerce and more

The strategy of recent years has led ECS360 to have great clients and partners who, over time, have become loyal prescribers of its services.

With Tech Solutions, the company completes a process aimed at applying to its customers everything they have learned in recent years thanks to measurement, data capture and the development of computer solutions.

One of the partners of ECS360 Tech Solutions, 3dsignia, has devoted in recent years its efforts to improve processes related to electronic commerce and integrate channels in the online shopping process. As an example, Nabumbu Toys, a social e-commerce of toys that has obtained a 97% satisfaction ratio among its customers (+2,000 surveys), converts twice as much as the competition thanks to an optimized interface, behavioral analytics and personalized communications.

Creating bridges between on and off

Our solutions cover different areas, but one of the areas that most interest us at this time is closing gaps between the online and offline worlds.

Nowadays, mobile devices allow us to create new bridges so that online activity – whether at home, work or on the street – can be translated into greater efficiency when it comes to successfully impacting potential clients.

This area of ??work has already paid off. For example, one of our algorithms allows you to match the desires that a user has expressed in social networks and the stores that offer products or services adapted to your liking. Imagine going near a store that has an item that you previously marked as “Like” on Facebook ™ and suddenly receive a personalized offer for a limited time. These types of actions multiply the conversion ratios and are now a reality that we can integrate into your business.

ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 logistics commercial container ship Algeciras