Secure Transport

ECS is certified as an Authorised Business Operator for Secure Transport, so far one of the first Spain-based transporters (with operations in Morocco) to obtain this certification.

We are covered by the Loading and Unloading Security Manual PECS-16 and PECS-16B.

Here are the basic safety principles that follows each department:

ECS360 transporte logística soluciones

The full shipment will be checked against the documentation provided, while loading, unloading and inside the trailer. In the event of an anomaly, the driver will immediately contact the ECS Traffic Department and will carry out a second check for verification. In the event that an anomaly is confirmed, it will be resolved within the confines of Export Customs, with the appropriate reserves, or any other more detailed action necessary, at the time of import.

If the Recipient does not wish to check but records defects anyway, the CMR (for road transport) will carry a special mention. At the same time, the driver is under no obligation to re-check, when Recipients apply their own Security standards in the absence of the driver. In the event, the CMR will be marked accordingly.

Internal seals

Numbered Prometal brand seals, , with ECS logo, stored in our offices, under the responsibility of Departments Heads. These seals, along with others — whether Spanish Customs seals or Moroccan Lead — are checked by our personnel and drivers at every entrance and exit to each country. Customs seals, when issued by Community Transit, also are checked by Security personnel of the Spanish recipient, the only ones authorised to break the seals.

In the event that any of the seals do not correspond to the information provided at origin, the Department Head will be notified immediately. He then will take appropriate action, calling on the Customs Scanner, if necessary.

In the case of Grouped Shipments, the driver will carry as many seals as the number of loaders/receivers that make up the shipment. These ECS seals will be “distributed” to each client, with notification on the Route Control Sheet to reflect the broken seal, the new replacement seal, the date, signature and stamp of each client, thereby certifying that the trailer arrived sealed and departed correctly sealed.

Armoured security locks

MUL-T-LOCK, padlocks, Cut Keys model, from C&J Supplies, each with two coded keys. Each key is numbered to correspond to a padlock. One key is used in Spain and the other in Morocco, never during maritime transport. Keys always travel with the shipment and are handed over to Department heads by the drivers, together with the documentation corresponding to the shipment.

On the road: Stops, whether obligatory or not, always will take place in guarded rest areas, except when clearly not possible, e.g. for Disco. In this case, the trailer will obligatorily remain parked within sight and as close as possible to traffic, rear-ended to a solid surface, with the tractor placed, if necessary, in order to block the rear doors so that they cannot be opened in case of attempted robbery.

In Port: Port layovers, because of dispatches or other circumstances that prevent unloading, will take place in guarded, Private Parking areas, as contracted, rear and front-ended to a solid surface. Empty trailers, waiting to be loaded, will be parked in the same manner.

Telephones for immediate contact with the ECS Traffic Department:

In Spain:

  • 24×365 Guard Mobile: +34 661 76 38 42
  • Department Head Mobile: +34  609 54 50 73
  • Office: +34 902 40 42 08

In Morocco:

  • JMNA head: +212 660 40 49 79
  • Traffic head: +212 661 40 01 95
  • Office: +212 5539323423/28
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