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Logistical Service

Within the logistics solutions that ECS360 Prime Storage offers, we have customized storage solutions.

In this sense we have our own warehouse from which we can offer you the following solutions:

  • Customs deposits
  • Cross-Docking and manipulations
ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones

Customs deposits:

L.A.M.E: Our warehouse has authorization L.A.M.E. (Authorized Warehouse for Export Goods) which allows exporters to carry out customs export operations through partial receptions and grouping without the need for the goods to pass through public customs precincts, as a prerequisite for dispatch, which translates into reduction of time and costs.

A.D.T: Our authorization A.D.T. (Temporary Deposit Warehouse) allows us to offer our clients a deposit service for their merchandise coming from imports from non-EU countries in a tax suspension regime. These goods will have a maximum period of 20 days to assign an economic Customs regime either consumption, transit, re-exports or entry to unlimited time deposits and may be made with partial departures.

CUSTOMS DEPOSIT: Our authorization D.A.P. (Public Customs Deposit) allows us to offer our customers deposit their goods from imports from non-EU countries in suspension of taxes, without time limit to assign an Economic Customs regime either consumption, transit, re-exports or entry to deposits of unlimited time.

DIFFERENT CUSTOMS DEPOSIT: Authorization D.D.A. (Different Deposit to the Customs) is one of the most versatile and interesting for the range of applications that can have for importing companies. ECS360 offers a fiscal deposit, duly authorized by the Spanish authorities, which will allow them to make purchase / sale transactions without having to pay VAT at the time of purchase or upon receipt of the goods. Regulated as Assimilated Operations gives imports with the consequent tax advantages to be able to self-manage their own VAT and have no obligation to advance it.

These facilities are ideal for those importing companies that need some type of warehouse handling such as emptying, palletizing, quality control, classification and which require deferring VAT payment on importation.

Regarding the benefits to the Exporters, the D.D.A. deposit, allows to receive those national goods destined to the export and obtain benefits with respect to the VAT borne in the elaboration or manufacture of the product until the final greeting of the deposit D.D.A. for final export or dispatch for consumption of the merchandise.

This situation is very common when the Exporter is not the manufacturer of the product and thus avoids having to bear the VAT that can not pass on to his client.

Cross-docking and manipulations:

Our warehouse offers the possibility of carrying out all types of merchandise handling, such as:

  • Transfers
  • Palletized
  • Picking
  • Re-labeled
  • Etc

With the highest quality and excellence in service.

ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 logistics commercial container ship Algeciras