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Third Party Logistics

The launch of ECS 3PL responds to the ECS Group’s need to offer a specific dimension to its Maritime and Air Transport clients, whether for consolidated shipments to Morocco or for its Customs Department, always OEA-Certified (ECS360) as Third-Party Logistics.

ECS3PL guarantees total Ad Valorem coverage throughout the different stages of international Transport: operations at origin and destination, inventory and cost improvement, shorter delivery times and maximum flexibility, so that our clients can concentrate, instead, on key areas of their business.

ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones

Maritime transport

ECS works closely with global shipping alliances that offer major coverage and reliability, in order to guarantee capacity and accommodate different freight volumes of traffic, from Full Container Load (FCL) to Less-than-Container Load (LCL), to anywhere in the world.

Our Correspondents Network makes it possible to offer integrated service, without intermediaries, from the first contact with the supplier to final delivery at the facilities of our client. ECS3PL combines maritime, rail and road transport, at origin as well as at destination, handles customs declarations, insurance, warehousing, distribution, special operations, International Maritime Organization (IMO) freight, oversized shipments, hanging garments, etc.

This way, our clients have a wide range of possibilities at their disposal, which allows them to choose the shipping option that best suits their specific needs. ECS3PL is a service that guarantees highest quality with cost control as a result of agreements with specialised transporters.


  • FCL (full container load).
  • LCL (less-container-load).
  • NCL (non-containerised load).
  • DRY Container, conventional and hazardous goods.
  • REEFER, perishables and temperature.
  • SPECIAL Equipment, Extra-measures / Special loading media.
  • ISOTANKS Container, liquids and bulks.
  • FLEXIBAGS, Liquids in Dry container.
  • RO-RO, Roll On-Roll Off.
  • Air Cargo.

Traffic “Cross Trades”

Your Cross Trades traffics are no longer going to be a problem. From our Central we control, with total accuracy , through our WCA Partners, any shipment that you need to make between countries, without going through the Customs Territory of your Country of Residence. Control of the load, independently of the Incoterm, its Suppliers and Clients perfectly informed (as well as your company), Customs Management, Taxes and deliveries in the Country of Destination, with continued traceability. Without a doubt, your shipments in the best hands and saving costs.

In ECS360 Logistics we apply the most advanced techniques in computer systems, to increase productivity and guarantee the control of our customers over their merchandise. Therefore, under our Cross Trades service, we ensure an impeccable management of shipments, from or to any place in the world, without being the origin or destination of cargoes. This means that we process all types of transport between two different countries. For example: Intermediary A (Italian company) buys Supplier B (China) and sells to its Customer C (South African Rep.), Shipping the product, from China to the South African Rep, directly.

On the other hand, the Cross Trade service also includes the confidentiality of these commercial transactions. In this way, transport and documentation are coordinated at all times, avoiding the data crossing between the manufacturer and the receiver, and the intermediary – upon request – will have access to complete information. In ECS360 Logistics we are committed to the right of our customers to have the maximum benefits.

That is why we offer a selection of specialized services in your Cross Trades traffic, with the best professionals, which make us one of the most specialized and reliable companies in the world.

ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones

Transport control

Through ECS3PL, we provide consulting services, as a complement to and integrated into the physical flow of merchandise, jointly with our agents in different parts of the world, so that information is reliable and up-to-date from origin to destination, with solid connections among transporters, agents and countries. This means that, at any given moment, our clients know the status of their shipments all the way through the supply chain.

We also would like to point out that each person on our ECS team is committed to the strict fulfilment of the technical directives that govern each sector, for the continued appropriate development of our business.

Regular lines

ECS has been named Sales Agent for the Iberian Peninsula by the shipping line Canary Feeder. The route is covered by the ship “CLIPPER COMMANDER,” which, with 505 TEUs of capacity and 78 Reefer Plugs, provides service every 15 days from the port of Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) – Nouakchott and Nouadhibou (Mauritania) – Dakhla and Laayounne (Western Sahara) – Algeciras – Las Palmas (Gran Canaria). The route is supported by wholly owned operating and sales offices in each port.

For Importation has excellent transit times and becomes the only shipping company that currently offers direct container service from the ports of Dakhla and Laayounne to Algeciras. With teams Reefers 40 ‘hq flag Cronos, with less than three years old, and equipped with equipment Carriers, Thinline model R – 134 A, are able to garatizar the correct traceability of goods transported. For Export, in addition to some very advantageous transit times, equipment available for freight includes:

  • 20′ HQPW
  • 40′ HQPW
  • 40′ HQ Reefers

We also can offer other types of equipment, based on prior study.

ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 logistics commercial container ship Algeciras