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Refrigerated transport

ECS is dedicated to providing the services that clients demand most. So, we have decided to expand our offer with a new refrigeration division: ECS Cold Fleet.

With this new service, we offer our clients:

  • A team of 30 people in Algeciras and 15 in Tangier.
  • A new fleet of refrigerated trailers, each with four cargo-holding bars.
ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 transporte logística soluciones

Incident resolution

ECS 360 guarantees the traceability of transported merchandise, through different types of advisories, whether from central headquarters or from drivers, in order to immediately correct any possible anomaly or incident.

  • Localisation in real time of each transport, with detailed imaging on Google Maps.
  • Temperature control in real time, via connection to thermography.
  • Ex-limit temperature warnings, open loading doors, refrigeration mechanism malfunction or delayed arrival at destination.

24h assistance

Our entire fleet and all our equipment receive constant attention and maintenance, with 24-hour service in Europe and Morocco, trained by our own personnel, in order to guarantee the preservation of the cold chain and the prompt delivery of every shipment.

This is the best guarantee that transported merchandise will arrive at its destination on time and in optimal condition.

ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 logistics commercial container ship Algeciras