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In-port loading

The work of loading, stowing and unloading of ships is as ancient as maritime trade itself.

The ECS Value Proposition centres on the coordination and planning of stowage, bulking, storage, transport and distribution of every type of merchandise, regardless of its volume and characteristics, from the port of arrival to the point of delivery, with counselling for the client every step of the way in order to minimize risks and costs and maximize efficiency in the process.

At ECS, stowage means the correct placement of merchandise on board ship, taking into account its stability and most suitable location for travel, as well as the compatibility of different types of products and the most rational way to load and unload the merchandise concerned. The unloading of stowed freight involves removing it from holds and preparing it for disembarkation.

The basic question for stowage, therefore, is the type and location of the ship where merchandise, in a predetermined form of packing, needs to be accommodated, taking destination into consideration. Technological developments in recent years have brought significant changes to the work and number of stevedores on the port.

ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones
ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones

Special projects

Special projects – Big Projects – involve the transport and handling of bulk merchandise, industrial machinery, and, ultimately, all cargo that requires suitable, special vehicles.

ECS Big Projects works with the main specialist companies, leaders in the field, at national and international level, with the support of WCAPN and GPLN networks and associates around the world.

ECS has worked on a number of important industrial projects, like the construction of combined-cycle power plants or the implantation of wind farms on land, with responsibility for planning and coordinating the loading, bulking, storage, transport and distribution of wind turbines and their components from the port of disembarkation to the wind farm itself, actively collaborating to minimize risks and costs while optimizing efficiency in the process.

Container transport

For the transport of containers, by sea as well as by land, we have a large fleet of our own vehicles, plus regular partners, which – combined with our wide range of equipment, extensible platforms and of different sizes, tipper lorries, refrigerated and special transporters – allow us to meet the different needs of our clients.

ECS360 transporte internacional logística soluciones